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Steward Check List

  1. Download a Payroll Steward’s Blank Workbook.

2. Contact the Local’s Office to get an updated copy of the relevant Agreement at and fill in the highlighted sections of the Steward Workbook with the relevant benefit percentages.

3. Upload all finalized payroll and steward reports to the Job on CallSteward and email it to and (excel version preferred).

4. Email your list of No Shows to with the following additional information:

  • The name of the worker and the name, date, time and venue of the call in which they did not show. If they were late and were replaced, the time they arrived should be included as well.
  • This procedure is ONLY for reporting the infraction for the purpose of initiating the fine process, NOT for the purpose of replacing the worker on the call, so the email is not urgent, but should be sent by the end of the work day. Stewards should also include the No Show/Replacement information in their Steward’s report.