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Upcoming Trainings

Avixa Networking Course

DATES: July 24–26 & 29–31, 2024

DAILY TIME: 7 a.m.–11 a.m. Mountain

LOCATION: Zoom Video Conference

COST: The six-day course is free of charge for participants

AVIXA has developed this distance-learning version of their Networking Technology course. Just like an in-person group class, students will meet with the instructor in real-time to receive personalized skills training, ask questions, and learn from the insights of the group. You will learn the basics of networking from an AV perspective while gaining the tools you need to have a meaningful conversation with your IT peers. Collaborative exercises and demos will allow you to practice the skills you’ll take back to work with you. During the course, you will:

  • Review how to discuss AV network requirements with your IT stakeholders
  • Compare and contrast the most common network-based AV transmission protocols
  • Interpret IP addresses and subnets
  • Identify network security threats and countermeasures
  • Use common network diagnostic tools and perform basic network troubleshooting

This course is worth 24 renewal units (RUs) towards CTS recertification for current valid CTS holders. You must attend all sessions to receive CTS renewal credit.

Work at Height & Rescue Training

Contact with inquiries.


A lead instructor from Fall Line Industrial will facilitate this course. This 5-day course prepares candidates for SPRAT Level I certification. A successful candidate should be capable of performing a range of rope access tasks under the direct supervision of a more experienced technician.

Course Overview
This 5-day program comprises four days of instruction and a final day with an evaluation of skills. The Fall Line Industrial training program is open to Level 1 Candidates. The training is designed to prepare participants for a SPRAT L1 Evaluation.

• Level 1 is for candidates who have no prior SPRAT certification. Participants must meet physical and medical minimum requirements. Understanding rope systems is helpful, but no prior experience is required.

This course will prepare students to be strong candidates for a SPRAT Evaluation. Level III Instructors provide instruction with both field and instructional experience. Fall Line Industrial strives to give candidates an overall view of the industry, allowing them to be future solid technicians. A SPRAT Evaluator will conduct a PASS / FAIL Evaluation on the final day. SPRAT utilizes a written, oral, and practical exam. Candidates who pass the SPRAT Evaluation will receive a certification valid for three years. Unsuccessful candidates require an additional course to re-attempt SPRAT Certification and are responsible for all costs associated with tuition. Participating in a course or SPRAT Evaluation does not guarantee SPRAT Certification. Fall Line, Industrial rope access courses, are designed to ensure participants get personal attention and prepare each candidate for success in the rope access industry.

Rope Access Techniques:

  • Ascent / Descent and changeovers
  • Pass obstructions: knots, deviations, intermediate anchors (re-belay), and edge obstructions.
  • Rope-to-rope transfers
  • Aid climbing: horizontal point-to-point and sliding (IRATA Level I only)
  • Structure climbing: climbing with fall arrest equipment

Rope Access Course Participant Considerations
Fall Line Industrial is dedicated to providing the industry with the highest quality rope access technicians. A rope technician must be able to simultaneously perform rope work safely in addition to completing tasks in
hard-to-reach areas. Due to the demanding nature of the work, participants should be selected carefully before participating in a rope climbing training course.

The following are the requirements for each participant:
– 18 years old is the minimum age requirement
– General safety awareness
– Physically and mentally fit
– Able to meet requirements for medical waiver forms
– Ability to take direction from supervisors
– Positive attitude
– Leadership qualities
– Aptitude for working at height
– Previous experience working at height plus, but not required
– Adaptable to stressful and changing situations

Candidates should be aware of the minimum requirements before participating in a course. The understanding of this information is crucial to ensuring the safety of rope teams that perform work and rescue in the field

Course Requirements
It should be understood that working at heights and climbing courses requires a certain amount of physical and mental exertion. All participants must meet the following criteria to be considered a candidate for working at height courses:
Must be 18 years of age. You must attend 100%, of course. Must meet minimum physical requirements and meet health and fitness waiver requirements. Physical requirements include climbing 50 stairs without duress, holding one pull-up for 10 seconds, and lifting and moving 15 kg / 35 lb loads. Vital to average cardio fitness ability to maintain
calm in extreme and adverse conditions, strong teamwork, and leadership qualities. Strong problem-solving skills and industrial environmental management awareness. Have good dexterity and are mechanically inclined. Fall Protection experience and a regional ticket for Fall Protection are not required but are recommended. Please address any concerns with the WSU Outdoor Program or Fall Line Industrial before the course for candidates who do not meet physical requirements.

**This is a physically demanding course! Please review the requirements and assess your current physical abilities. Course participants will not receive refunds if they opt-out midway through a course**

Dates: July 15-19, 2024
Pricing: $1750
Location: Weber State University Outdoor Adventure & Welcome Center


Dates: October 21-25, 2024
Pricing: $1750
Location: Weber State University Outdoor Adventure & Welcome Center


*For inquiries, reach out to

Second Quarter 2024 Classes At the Eccles

Carp Class 102: Dealing with wire rope, swagging, how to measure ropes and wire rope, down rigging, some up rigging, how to run the rail,, weight loading and of course safety for all of this

Sound-Audio Fundamentals: microphone stands, cabling, playback tracks, Basic Audio

Lx Class and Spot Class- How to hang instruments in front of house, balcony rail and cable, All about spotlight operation.

Ward Class-Basic Sewing 101: Required skills by all dressers, Buttons,Hooks,and Eyes, Basic Stitches 

Hair- Executing rollers,set and style from the wig bible,Natural hair texture, Braiding.


The class schedule section gives address, contact,

PAID Parking is on the street or the City Creek, Regent Street Parking lots.

Click here to view class schedule and sign up for classes

Stuart Dobbie- 646-228-4261

Chris Sorenson- 801-510-9353

On Demand Training

IATSE National Benefit Fund Retirement Webinar

Everyone working under a Local 99 administered agreement is receiving some sort of retirement contribution. It’s important you understand your benefits! The password is: local99nbf

SNAP Benefits Webinar, with Utahns Against Hunger

Led by Alex Cragun from Utahns Against Hunger, this 45-minute webinar will go over what you need to know about SNAP Benefits and take your questions.